Site Masterplan.

Adding a new piece to a mature city, with defined character and with its own history is not an easy task. It is required expertise but also commitment, knowledge but also a passion for urban life. The quality and warmth of a large city require much care and dedication. This Masterplan design is a key component throughout the semester where you will explore this design with plan studies, site sections, massing site models, diagrammatically and experientially along the way clearly showing the design intentions for the site and the relationships between all its pieces and surroundings.

Group 1: Daramola Ojo & Nicholas Schumerth Click here to see more.

Group 2: Agon Basha & Ted Hatcher Click here to see more.

Group 3: Nicholas Burte & Jack Rasmussen Click here to see more.

Group 4: Erica Twomey & Jonathan Wicker Click here to see more.

Group 5: Thomas Thompson & Lauren Brooks Click here to see more.

Group 6: Jack Lenk & Lee Bruner Click here to see more.

Group 7: Ellen Martin & Kenneth Boeser Click here to see more.

Group 8: Kattie Casebolt & Richard Decker Click here to see more.

Group 9: Daniel Lindstorm & Robert Turck Click here to see more.

Group 10: Theresha Radford & Andrew Tisue Click here to see more.

Group 11: Kyle Wilkerson, Rehan Hussain & Rhonda Loggia Click here to see more.