Richard Neutra is one of the most successful interpreters of Modern Architecture principles. His 3D-planes compositions have been recognized all over the world as a clean and pure way of solving living spaces.

In this assignment we are producing a new version of Neutra’s way of solving houses but with 70 years more advanced technologies. Students are to interpret Neutra as he would be proud of using our nowadays high tech and materials to build a one story coastal house. The plot assigned for so is a long plot over a bluff fronting the beach over the Honeymoon Cove, at Palos Verdes California, and water level being 78’ below. It measures around 17,000 sq. ft. It is mostly flat and faces southwest. Designers are allowed to develop up to 40% of the plot with inhabiting areas and it is required to leave a minimum of 40% of green areas (grass or gardening).

CONTEXT. Architecture’s modern movement framework is a major turning point, so even today we live immersed in many of its principles and surely they will remain for many years more. The architectural background introduced by Neutra is the first context to consider. The second is the coastal landscape of California, which served as the inspiration for many of this outstanding master of architecture projects.

Students' Proposals

Austin Weitnauer

Matthew Maloney

Fatimah Alsehaibani

Laura Raposo

Ronny Metzger

Delson Junior

Pankil Patel

Matthew Keys