This assignment consists on the design of a lakefront interfaith chapel in one of the most attractive settings of SIU campus in order to contribute to the University community with a unique place to exercise our most intimate spiritual desires, alone or accompanied. The program is very simple, since one of the basic principles of an interfaith place is its detachment from any element associated with liturgies or canons of any religious denomination. Even the furniture must be carefully designed or chosen to cover a wide range of specific needs.

CONTEXT. First, we have an intangible broad body of very assorted nationalities around SIU campus, which means many cultures, and thus many religions, denominations or believing trends. Second, and not less important, we have a pleasing lakefront surrounded by an enjoyable mass of trees contained in a well-kept university campus.

PROGRAM. The main thing to meet is an interior meditation and peace place. In addition, from the outside on its 360° is required to be a landmark for the lake’s landscape so much as for the whole campus. It requires an area of (approx.) 700 sq. ft. equipped with seating for 100 to 140 people. Natural lighting. Strong visual contact with the lake. Restrooms (with 2 fixtures each) separate for men and women. Wardrobe for coats, umbrellas, backpacks and other stuff. Closet for shoes. Niche for candles and offerings. Others as you can propose.

Students' Proposals

Austin Weitnauer

Luke Henson

Fatimah Alsehaibani

Matthew Maloney 1

Matthew Maloney 2

Matthew Keys

Delson Junior

Laura Raposo

Pankil Patel

Delson Junior

Ronny Metzger