The design of a lengthened Plaza for a site in downtown Carbondale, along Washington St. from Jackson St. to Walnut St, and contiguous to the Railroad right of way is a new city project for its downtown renewal. The surrounding current streets’ levels are to be considered, but keeping the Plaza to an even level even though the current topography may be uneven. Since Main Street is crossing the site, the plaza shall be developed in two segments, but it is the project duty to keep the sense of an entire and continuous concept all along. There are also some old features kept on the site as historical patrimony which need to be considered, but they can be relocated. One main factor of the plaza solution is its relationship with the parking lot underneath, to be designed as part of the proposal. Pedestrian access from the plaza to the parking lot must be visible, sufficient and well located. The parking must respond to the current streets’ levels and the Plaza proposal levels that will be over this same site; also it is important to pay careful attention to the various problems associated with parking lots, and it is essential to consider who will be using this parking lot and how users are to reach it, driving as well as walking. The design of a new four star Hotel for a site in front of the plaza is also part of the whole proposal. It will be at the block head of Washington St. between Walnut St. and Monroe St. This project needs to keep tight relationship with the Plaza project and must be composed by 100 suites, conference venues, banquet facilities, and other amenities. It shall be developed to be built in two phases (60% of the suites in the first phase). There are required three different design proposals of the hotel together with the plaza and parking lot.

PARKING LOT / Piotr Szczesniewski & Yasmin Rodriguez

PLAZA SURFACE / Wei Lin & Jacques Cadet

Floorplan solution

View from the northeast corner

View from the northeast corner

South view from Main Street

HOTEL 1 / Brittney Beckman & Patrick Szczecina

Front to the Plaza


Fourth Floor

Section & Elevation 1

First Floor

Fifth Floor

Section & Elevation 2

Second Floor


Renderings 1

Third Floor

Room Types

Renderings 2

HOTEL 2 / Rachel Birdsell & Alexander Soldner

Location plan

Location plan

HOTEL 3 / Briana King & Lemar Bond

Plans Basement, 1 and 2

East and West elevations / Section

Plans 4 and 5

North and South elevations / Section

Plans 6 and 7 / 2nd Phase