The products in this Studio are mainly two: a Master Plan proposal developed by groups and a building Architectonic Design to be developed individually. However, there are some additional preliminary assignments which give support and create an important data base for the first. To see the contents on each of the assignments, Master Plans and Building Architectural Design projects click on each of the following headlines:

Program Analysis.

Presenting how a successful building of different types work is very useful. It is the lessons that can be extracted from other effective projects and from key writings on the topic that will help inform the class on how to proceed with the program in this course projects. The critical components to be explored are the kind of parts and pieces that need to be included in the program.

This detailed information will inform your approach to the urban and building design process. Specific data for the site is crucial for the base knowledge to be integrated into your site master plans and individual programs in order to address modern ecological and social concerns. Historical analysis and analysis of existing conditions will help inform the class on how to proceed with developing strategies for a design response. The critical components include environmental facts, studies of movement, landscape conditions, human and architectural history, zoning and typological studies of context.

The goal of this exercise is to analyze a given existing case, looking first at the overall character of the project and then getting into the systems, structure, program, relationships to context, circulation, materiality, construction, spatial composition, etc. It is about finding the lessons embedded in the project and drawing them out for reference in the studio. This presentation will center on a series of diagrams of the critical information about the case study, but will also include some text, photographs, technical drawings, etc. that are necessary to fully explain the work.

Adding a new piece to a mature city, with defined character and with its own history is not an easy task. It is required expertise but also commitment, knowledge but also a passion for urban life. The quality and warmth of a large city require much care and dedication. This Masterplan design is a key component throughout the semester where you will explore this design with plan studies, site sections, massing site models, diagrammatically and experientially along the way clearly showing the design intentions for the site and the relationships between all its pieces and surroundings.

It is fundamental that this product is closely related to the principles established in your own Masterplan. The two programs available for this project are hotel and housing developments, and they constitute an individual project as a complex entity. Each program should have a secondary element or two that must be included in the design. These design proposals will be expected to include strong conceptual basis and detailed systems analysis, refined plans, sections, and elevations of the entirety of the project as well as wall section and detail work of specific key areas.