Case Studies.

The goal of this exercise is to analyze a given existing case, looking first at the overall character of the project and then getting into the systems, structure, program, relationships to context, circulation, materiality, construction, spatial composition, etc. It is about finding the lessons embedded in the project and drawing them out for reference in the studio. This presentation will center on a series of diagrams of the critical information about the case study, but will also include some text, photographs, technical drawings, etc. that are necessary to fully explain the work.

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Madrid Public Housing, Madrid, Spain

Robert Turck




Thin Flats Onion Flats, Philadelpia, Pennslvania

Agon Basha




High Park, Monterrey, Mexico

Nicholas Schumerth




Habitat 67

Richard Decker




Marina City Towers, Chicago, Illinois

Kenneth Boeser




Ironhouse at Central Station, Oakland, California

Lauren Brooks




Beirut Terraces, Normandy

Kattie Casebolt





Social Housing Tower, Barcelona, Spain

Andrew Tisue





Richmond Housing Co-op, Toronto, Canada

Ellen Martin






Solaris, Singapore

Jonathan Wicker





Kitagata Apartment Building, Japan

Jack Lenk




8 Tallet, Denmark

Jack Rasmussen




Torre Julia, Barcelona, Spain

Nicholas Burte




Mountain Dwellings, Denmark

Rhonda Loggia




The Atlantis, Miami, Florida

Thomas Thompson




1111 East Pike Condos, Seattle, Washington

Ted Hatcher





The Interlace, Singapore

Kyle Wilkerson




The Beach Houses, Italy

Daramola Ojo



Monterrey Housing/ Elemental, Monterrey, Mexico

Rehan Hussain