Building Project.

It is fundamental that this product is closely related to the principles established in your own Masterplan. The two programs available for this project are hotel and housing developments, and they constitute an individual project as a complex entity. Each program should have a secondary element or two that must be included in the design. These design proposals will be expected to include strong conceptual basis and detailed systems analysis, refined plans, sections, and elevations of the entirety of the project as well as wall section and detail work of specific key areas.

Each group has a master board and individual board per group member. Click the names to see more information.

Group 1

Daramola Ojo + Nicholas Schumerth 

Daramola Ojo

Nicholas Schumerth

Group 2

Agon Basha + Ted Hatcher 

Agon Basha

Ted Hatcher 

Group 3

Nicholas Burte + Jack Rasmussen 

Nicholas Burte

Jack Rasmussen 

Group 4

Erica Twomey + Jonathan Wicker

Group 5

Thomas Thompson + Lauren Brooks

Thomas Thompson

Lauren Brooks

Group 6

Jack Lenk+ Lee Bruner

Jack Lenk

Lee Bruner

Group 8

Ellen Martin + Kenneth Boeser

Ellen Martin

Kenneth Boeser

Group 9

Kattie Casebolt + Richard Decker

Kattie Casebolt

Richard Decker

Group 10

Daniel Lindstorm + Robert Turck

Daniel Lindstorm

Robert Turck

Group 11

Theresha Radford + Andrew Tisue 

Theresha Radford

Andrew Tisue 

Group 12

Kyle Wilkerson + Rehan Hussain + Rhonda Loggia 

Kyle Wilkerson

Rehan Hussain

Rhonda Loggia