All songs are comprehended on the 70’s period. The design process implies studying the song in both, its lyrics and its melody. The composition could follow any of them as they develop through time, but it would be much better if you consider both interweaved. It is fundamental to recognize tempo breaks, entrance of certain instruments and chorus, modulation changes, peak moments, clue situations, etc. to translate them to a linear chart, which will be the base of your proposal. To differentiate the diverse components you can use forms (geometrical, organic, etc.) and colors, using them as solid elements or diffused and mixed (we are not using textures for this purpose).

Take me home, country roads (John Denver, 1971) by Brittney Beckman

Dreams (Fleetwood Mac, 1977) by Rachel Birdsell

Redemption song (Bob Marley, 1979) by Jacques Cadet

Lovin' you (Minnie Riperton, 1975) by Briana King

Dust in the wind (Kansas, 1978) by Wei Lin

Wish you were here (Pink Floyd, 1975) by Alex Soldner

How deep is you love (Bee Gees, 1977) by Patrick Szczecina

Don't stop me now (Queen, 1978) by Piotr Szczesniewski